Youth Conference

Community/ Victim Awareness Program

Our Youth Victims Awareness Program provides first time youth offenders with the opportunity to work with the Raze Youth team in order to fully understand the impact of their actions and see how they’ve affected their victim(s).  Our approach is non-accusatory while opening the eyes and the heart of the offender in a nurturing way that causes them to be emphatic towards those that they may have harmed.


Youth Demographics

Our youth are offenders between the ages of 10-20 who are already in the juvenile justice system but need assistance in understanding their actions and the effects of their actions upon others.  

Services Provided

Victim Awareness classes provide our youth with the resources and the safe environment needed to speak openly about the impact of their crime on the victim, bystanders, and loved ones. The program teaches participants how to take responsibility for their actions and walks them through necessary steps to make amends with their victim and the community they harmed.